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Barbless Skinny Buzzers

Buzzers are tiny insects also known as chironomids
They form a major component of the diet of many fish, especially trout, at most stages of their life cycle.
Buzzers can be found at any time of the year and you can even get hatches in very cold winter weather. You could quite easily fish buzzers for trout all year round and catch fish. Therefore, if you learn to fish buzzers for trout you'll always stand a chance of catching - no matter what the season.
Our Barbless Skinny Buzzers have been irresistible to the trout at Tan-y-Mynydd. They have also caught many fish at other local fisheries - we have even had emails stating that they have been deadly in Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicestershire areas. Many of our regulars are catching 10 -20 fish in a four hour session on the Barbless Skinny Buzzers even in conditions that generally produce less fish.
The Barbless Skinny Buzzer Collection is now available for sale online - please see below, we have also featured items that are generally purchased alongside the buzzers.
All items are priced including First Class Royal Mail postage.
When you have received your Barbless Skinny Buzzers, please keep us up to date with your catches and even send us pictures of your catches.

The Barbless Skinny Buzzer Collection
40 of the most popular Stillwater buzzers, size 10, 5x black, 5 x orange, 5 x pink, 5 x grey, 5 x white, 5 x red, 5 x black head, 5 x orange head, presented in a Fulling Mill Tactical Box - These are hand tied to order, please allow 3-5 days for delivery
Price: £25.00
Barbless Skinny Buzzer Collection
10 x Barbless Skinny Buzzers - Size 10, Mixed Colours
Price: £6.95
Fulling Mill Tactical Small Slim Fly Box
Lightweight, slim fly box
Price: £4.95
Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon 50m 5lb
World Class Fluorocarbon, 50m spool of 5lb/2.27kg/3x Dia 0.195mm
Price: £6.95
Strike Indicator Tube of 6
Strike indicators for spotting those delicate takes, 6 in pack, colours may vary
Price: £4.95