Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery - Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery
Fishery Layout
Top Pool
In places, Top Pool is 18ft deep with an average depth of 10ft. Designed in the shape of a heart, it is the 'Marmite' pool - you either love it or hate it!
Fish tend to stay deep and when a rise happens it tends to be in the same area. Open to the elements, it can be a cold pool to fish.
Farm Pool
A deep pool ranging to 15ft in parts. Fish often seen in the margins but a long cast is quite useful, as on busy days fish tend to congregate on the far side, close to the tree line.
Home Pool
This is the pool to fish if you like 'top of the water' sport - free rising for much of the day and the evening rises can be spectacular.
Average depth of 8ft and much shallower in the margins - can get weedy at times but 'where there's weed, there's feed, and where there's feed, there is fish'
Deep Pool
Not as deep as the name suggests - maximum depth 8ft. Used as a multi method lake, the fish can be found feeding close to the islands. A charming little pool which offers some superb fishing
Family Pool
Separated from Home pool by a bridge, this is the shallowest of all pools with a maximum depth of 6ft. Densely stocked pool as any method is allowed but the fish can get very wily especially if there is noise and vibration going on. To get the best results, a cautious and delicate approach will pay dividends.