Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery - Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery
Gift Vouchers / Bulk Hours
Please find below our Bulk Fishing Packages and Gift Voucher Options.
Bulk Fishing Hours allow you to purchase fishing time in advance and then 'Top Up' whenever you need to.
This method of paying for your fishing allows you to pay when it's most convenient to yourself e.g Payday, and then each time you fish, hours will be deducted as necessary.
Bulk Hours are a great way of budgeting for your hobby in this current economic climate.
Bulk Hours are the perfect gift to the angler who has it all.
Bulk Hour tickets and Gift Vouchers will be dispatched by First Class Mail upon payment clearance.

            One Hour Basic Fly Fishing Tuition

            Price: £15
                  One Hour Basic Fly Fishing Tuition with 4 Hours Catch and Release Fishing
            Price: £30

                 Two Hours Basic Fly Fishing Tuition with 2 Days Catch and Release Fishing

            Price: £70

Package A:
40 Sport Fishing Hours
Price: £100.00
Package B:
22 Sport Fishing Hours
Price: £60.00
Package C:
15 Sport Fishing Hours
Price: £40.00
Package D:
10 Sport Fishing Hours
Price: £30.00
£10 Gift Voucher
£15 Gift Voucher
£20 Gift Voucher