Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery - Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery

Real Time Weather at Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery

We are very pleased to now have a Davies Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station on site. This will be used in conjunction with Weatherlink, which will provide you with all the weather information you need when planning your visit to Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery.
Features include:
Wind Speed
Barometric Pressure
Wind Direction

Hopefully we will be able to show you the data on screen very shortly (once Neil has worked out how to do it!!) . In the meantime please follow the instructions below:
  1. Click on the photo below, which will then take you to the Weatherlink Home Page
  2. Click on Account Set Up (Free Sign Up) in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Input email address
  4. Choose User Name
  5. Create Password
  6. Create Account
  7. Click Get Started on the Basic Package (NO FEES)
  8. Search locations in Top Right Corner - LL22 9RF
  9. On map you will see the Number 2 (this is how many stations are in area)
  10. Then click on the dot by St George
  11. Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fishery will then appear
  12. Click Bulletin
  13. Then click save in Top Bar
  14. All the Weather Conditions are on display updated every 15 minutes

Apologies for the long, drawn out instructions but as mentioned before we aim for this to be just short term until we can figure out how to display all information on this page. We hope that you find Weatherlink useful for your visits to us but it can also be used by yourselves for other venues that may have weather stations in close proximity.

    To get started please click on the image below: