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Fly Fishing Experience

Learn to fish in North Wales

Tan-y-Mynydd Trout Fly Fishing Experience


Looking to start Fly Fishing:


Priced at just £225 - Our One Day Fly Fishing Experience is the perfect gift for the person who has always wanted to try their hand at Fly Fishing.


Our One Day Fly Fishing Experience package includes:

 Basic Fly Casting Tuition

All day 2 Fish Ticket

Environment Agency Day Licence

Breakfast and picnic Lunch

 Fly Fishing Outfit (Rod/reel/line and a box of flies)

Once payment has been received we will dispatch voucher by First Class Mail


Local Bed and Breakfast can be arranged subject to additional charges

Trout fishing in North Wales


"I had always fancied trying fly fishing and booked myself the experience. I highly recommend and am now well and truly 'hooked'. Once I had completed the day - I quickly booked a day for my brother in law and he is also now caught by the thrill of fly fishing"

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